During our more than 20 years history, we have generated value in different sectors of the economy, adapting our integrated operations and maintenance services to the needs of the different industries that we serve. We have specific procedures, exclusive teams and sector specialists that allow us to appropriately address the particular requirements of each market we serve. 

Confipetrol has the experience and knowledge to provide its solutions in the following sectors:


We have specialists trained and certified in the operation and maintenance of petrochemical plants and assets. Knowledgeable about the specialized processes served, we employ our best engineers to supervise and develop our activities under the methodology of operational excellence, thus ensuring a safe operation and within the acceptance parameters established from the design.

We can operate and maintain the following assets: 

  • Heavy and light crude oil refineries
  • Cracking plants
  • Fuel and Lubricant Plants
  • Fertilizer plants
  • Ammonium plants
  • Urea plants