During our more than 20 years history, we have generated value in different sectors of the economy, adapting our integrated operations and maintenance services to the needs of the different industries that we serve. We have specific procedures, exclusive teams and sector specialists that allow us to appropriately address the particular requirements of each market we serve. 

Confipetrol has the experience and knowledge to provide its solutions in the following sectors:


Confipetrol is your expert ally in the energy sector. For example, we operate and maintain assets which generate more than 20% of the electric power in Peru.

Our experience allows us to manage the complete process of generation, transmission and distribution of energy in a reliable, safe and profitable way. We maintain your assets in an optimal manner, minimizing risk and guaranteeing operations within the highest standards of quality, reliability and responsiveness.

Our operations are conducted as part of a broad framework which includes strong social and environmental considerations. Safety is paramount in everything we do, and Confipetrol actively promotes HSEQ programs and campaigns with all relevant stakeholders.

Our portfolio of services for companies in the energy sector includes:

  • Operation of Equipment & Systems
  • Mechanical Maintenance
  • Electrical Maintenance
  • Instrumental Maintenance
  • Maintenance of high, medium and low voltage networks
  • Maintenance of transformers, electrical substations and electric engines
  • Maintenance of pumps, injection plants and water treatment systems
  • Maintenance of Hydroelectric Plants
  • Turbine Maintenance